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Candy floss and popcorn

Hire our candy floss and popcorn cart or trailer for tradition flavour of the fairground. The unique aroma of candyfloss will enhance your event. Our traditional candy floss and popcorn carts are always an attraction when hired for your event. Candy floss carts are also known as barrows and stands. Candy floss hire is a popular choice for a wide variety of events and the perfect thing to hire with our fairground equipment.

With friendly, expert, uniformed staff the candy floss can be supplied on a stick or in a bag, made right in front of your eyes. Phone us on 07850 351326 or email to discuss hiring one of our candy floss / popcorn carts.

We only hire candy floss machines/carts/trailers with professional, trained staff. Candy floss is harder to make than you might think when you see an expert do it!

We can also hire our larger trailer for big events which require a higher capacity unit to supply candy floss and popcorn. Our trailer can also be used to supply a wide variety of traditional sweets and drinks if required.

Candy floss candyfloss and popcorn stall, cotton candy, candy carts - unlimited candyfloss!

Access requirements for our candy floss hire carts and trailer:

Candy floss carts: will fit through a standard doorway.

Candy floss / popcorn trailer: will require 2.4m (8 feet) width. Height requirement 2.7m (9 feet)

More about candy floss

Candy floss (known as cotton candy, candyfloss and fairy floss in other parts of the world) is a form of spun sugar. Candyfloss is made by heating sugar and spinning the liquified sugar our through tiny holes where it re-solidified in extremely fine strands of sugar. The finished product of candy floss contains mostly air, with a typical serving of candyfloss weighing about 30g (1 oz). Candy floss has been a popular feature at fairs, carnivals and events for over a centurn.

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