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Helter Skelter Lighthouse

Traditional funfair helter skelter for hire

Our helter skelter is a landmark at any event. The helter skelter is 50 feet tall, with a wonderful view from the top. Available to hire for a wide range of events as well as traditional funfairs.

Built around 1946, our lighthouse helter skelter spent many years as a popular attraction at Hunstanton amusement park until 2000. Purchased by us in 2004 this rare attraction was extensively renovated and is now available for hire.

The helter skelter takes up 28 feet wide  by 33feet deep (8.5m x 10m). Lorry access is preferable (please let us know if your think this is a problem - this attraction can be carried into restricted areas - extra charges may apply for the extra labour).



Our lighthouse helter skelter and fairground sidestalls waiting to entertain the guests at a May Ball in Cambridge. These attractions were supplied by us to this site that has restricted vehicle access. All the attractions were carried by hand onto site.

Phone us on 07850 351326 or email to discuss hiring our helter skelter.


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